Sunday, July 14, 2013

Indigo's third AKC trial

Three weeks ago we competed in our third trial together. It was hot. 100 degrees and higher. We were indoors in an arena with a giant fan and nothing else. HOT! I hosed my dog down quite often. And myself.
My little girl was awesome. She did not seem to care how hot it was, she ran like she does in practice, fast. I think she has figured out the routine. We walk around a little together, eat some food, focus on each other, and then we enter THE RING. The ring means she gets to run and jump and have a blast. Then we run back to our crate, eat a little something special, get her ball and head outside to play.
On Friday she qualified in Standard for her second Q in Novice Standard. On Saturday we qualified in Standard again for our Novice Standard title! We were not perfect but they were minor errors. I am just so pleased that she is loving it so much! She was so eager to start on a few of our runs that I had to tell her to stay multiple times! I have been working very hard on our startline stays and it is still a challenge.

Here she is leaping the broad jump with a sparkle in her eye. I am in love with her gigantic feet! I call them landing pads.

 Here is the non qualifying Jumpers run that ended our weekend. It was my favorite. We have yet to qualify once in Jumpers! Our qualifying Standard run was just not very pretty, even if it did win us a title! We need to work on commiting to each jump, it seems to be our issue. She did not knock a single bar either day and I had originally thought that would be our "issue".

and here is my Indigo with her title ribbon

I am so in love with her!