Thursday, April 30, 2015


We competed in a Nadac agility trial last weekend and had tons of fun! We still don't know what we're doing but we haven't quite given up yet! Tunnels are THE BEST!!!!

I was committed to running faster, being ahead of my dog and giving her the information she needed before each obstacle. I did not always achieve that goal...
It seems like I'm stuck in my old handling ways and can't get out! I forget to talk to her and I forget to RUN. I still can't lead out, that is bad, I know. But she is oh so much fun. I do so love my beasty girl!

Here is a Jumpers course with one knocked bar. I was rushing her on the last line of jumps causing the bar to come down.

And here was a Regular course that worked out well! We had another Regular run where she took out a hoop and then one more where she took out a whole jump, but was not hurt, thankfully!

Do you think someday we will get it together? In the mean time I will enjoy each run!

Also, I am training my sister's border collie!