Friday, November 18, 2011

I thought this might be fun

Hello world! I was sitting at home last night watching the tv show "Parks and Recreation" and thought, wouldn't it be fun to make a blog called "Barks and Recreation"? I've never written a blog before but have been following several different blogs for a while now and thought it would be fun to have my own.
I live in Boise, Idaho with my husband two dogs and three cats. My dogs are my life and this blog will probably be exclusively about them.
So let me introduce my dogs!
 This is Amber, my Vizsla. She is 8 years old and my best friend. She enjoys hiking, swimming, eating, squirrel watching, quail finding, eating, snuggling on the couch, playing with me and agility. She needs three more double Qs in AKC agility to get her MACH title. I am both excited and impatient about that. We have to WAIT till February for the next trial.

And this is Rye, my English Setter. He is 10 years old, going on 3, and also, my best friend. He retired from agility this year with his AXP and MJP titles. He was never the most focused in the ring but he always had fun. He still gets to play agility in my backyard and we have just recently started learning some rally moves. He is picking it up a lot faster than I thought he would! He enjoys hiking, squirrel watching, eating, getting treats, playing with toys, stealing the toy from Amber, making us happy, being cute, and playing with his sister, Amber.
So, hopefully this blog thing turns out to be fun. Now, it's my day off and we are headed out for some hiking with the dogs, hope it doesn't rain too hard on us today! Barks and Recreation! I know, I'm a giant nerd.


Hiking Hounds said...

Hi! Beautiful dogs! I have a friend that does agility with her vizsla. It sounds like Rye and Amber have a lot of fun with you.

Claire Krigbaum said...

Thank you Hiking Hounds! I will have to come see your hiking hounds :) I could definitely see myself with a greyhound someday.