Friday, November 30, 2012


Indi turned a year old this past Tuesday!
A few weeks before that we got as many of her 16 siblings as we could get together, which turned out to be only four, for a pre birthday celebration.
This is her brother Wilson. Also a crazy retriever/water dog. Wilson is about the same size as Indi. He was the smallest puppy in the litter.

I've included their puppy photos that I took for their webpage to show how they have changed.

Wilson at 8 weeks.

Her brother Enzo also loves to retrieve and swim and is just a little taller than Indi. Enzo's owner cooks for him!

Enzo at 8 weeks.

Here is Wilson and their sister Zeva. Zeva was returned to the Vizsla rescue a few months ago and still needs a home.  No surprise, she LOVES water and balls. She was the most shy out of the litter at 8 weeks and still is a little hesitant in new situations.

Zeva at 8 weeks.

Indi and her sister Zeva. Indi is such a big help!

Indi, Enzo and Zeva.

My beautiful, 62 pound girl, Indigo.

Indi at 8 weeks.

And, to illustrate Indi's personality perfectly, a photo from when she lived with her first owner. A puppy playdate with brother Wilson and a different black and tan sister, Daphne. Two against one and look who's winning?

Here is a little video of Indi doing some agility a few weeks ago, bars set at 12 inches.


B is for bone!


Riley and Stella said...

So cool to see some of her littermates. There is quite the range in markings but very similar looks. Happy birthday Indi!

UrbanBodi said...

Happy 1st Birthday, Indi! Lovely photos. Would that be Indi "walking" her sister by the ear?