Sunday, May 26, 2013

Pictures from the river

The dogs and I went to the river the other day.
A place of sandy shoes, wet knees and leaping water creatures.

Indi is perfecting her dive. It started out more of a crash and has turned into a very neat leap up and out into the water.

Rye, always a gentleman. He puts up with this big black attention hog very nicely. When I ask her to stay for a picture or a dummy, Rye stays too. He does not have to look happy about it though. 

Practicing stays on the bridge.

My duck billed dinosaur.

Pointing, pointing. So far Indi only "sight points". I have not seen her go on point for a bird out of sight. She is becoming more interested in ducks and quail in general though. Rye is teaching her to watch...


We practice many things by the river. Stays are very hard while the dummy is drifting down stream.  I alternate between calling her to "come to front" with her dummy and letting her run around with it. She holds it by the bungee cord at the end and swings it back and forth while running, sometimes she shakes it so that it
hits her in the ribs, hard. She likes that.



Riley and Stella said...

What a water baby she is! Great pics.

Dogert said...

Hahaha she's such a good dog! Love the concerned point/stay. So much fun. I can't wait to see you guys again!