Saturday, November 16, 2013

Fun on a rainy snowy day

Let's see how many different things Indigo can hold!

There's 1!

There's 2!

There's 3!

I could make a really yummy doggy pie with all these things!

There's 4

There's 5

There's 6

There's 7

Do you think she's hinting at something?

You could also practice silly tricks like this one.

When you've run out of things to do and it's still raining outside, just curl up together and read a book.

There's 8!


UrbanBodi said...

Very clever Indi (this skill would come in very handy for a "12 Days of Christmas" post - just sayin'.) Good choice of reading materials!

Claire Krigbaum said...

Hey, good idea! That might be fun to attempt. Yes, it's a great book so far, not quite finished.