Monday, February 24, 2014

Agility in February

Another trial over and done. Indi and I did two days last weekend and had lots of fun together. It wasn't the most successful of trials but I came away knowing exactly what I want to work on.
We started with Novice FAST. We didn't get the distance challenge so did not qualify but got to work the a-frame contact twice which was nice. Need to work on taking the jump out of a tunnel no matter how far away I am!
Then we ran in Open Standard and qualified meaning we got our title! It wasn't a perfect run but she did hit a really nice hard weave entry easily. We need to work on running straight to the table and getting on it without doing anything in between!
Her pretty title ribbon.

I have to laugh. We still don't have any qualifying legs in Novice Jumpers! Even so, this run was my favorite of the whole weekend. Just that one silly bar!

On Saturday we ran in Excellent Standard for our first time. Fun! Need to work on giving earlier cues so she knows she is taking THAT jump and THAT jump before she has already passed it! Oh and staying on the table.
Here is our first try at Excellent Standard, just for fun! Not really sure why the last two jumps didn't work out.

Here is a picture of our title with Judge Lavar Griffin. Fun trial!

photo by Randy Gaines

Love my baby girl!

photo by Randy Gaines


UrbanBodi said...

Way to Go!

Hiking Hounds said...

Congratulations! She looks great and super happy and fast. Darn bar! We had Lavar Griffin as a judge about a month ago. He was really nice.