Tuesday, September 2, 2014

a camping trip

For my birthday, my husband, brother in law and I went camping last weekend. We backpacked in about an hour to a lake called Grass Mountain Lake and stayed one night. Wish we had time to spend longer! Indigo had a little bit of fun, Rye stayed home.

On the way up the mountain Indi was partially on leash, partly off.

At one point she stopped along the trail and then dashed into the bushes. Out flew five big grouse! She was super excited about this. She really is very "birdy" she just isn't as rangy as a pointing type dog. I am used to a Vizsla hiking with me who wants to search all up and down the mountain sides for birds and squirrels. Indigo stays much closer. Like there is hardly ever a time that I have to call her to me since she is already right there. I do miss watching Amber cover ground with Rye behind her but also, this is very nice. I like having her close.

Once we got to our campsite and unpacked I got out her toy.

There was no stopping the beast.

No stopping, throw it again.

But Indigo, you MUST be tired now! I want to sit and read by the lake!

Can't have toy, guess I'll settle for wood....

and rolling around....

FINALLY wet and tired....

and ready for bed...

In the morning we played around a little before packing everything back up. She loves running from Jason to me and back again. At full speed.

Us at the lake.


UrbanBodi said...

Lovely photos. Happy Belated Birthday, Claire!

Claire Krigbaum said...

Thank you, Bodi's mom!