Thursday, March 26, 2015

dog Spring

Suddenly I am in the mood to write a little! And share some pictures. I do like this blog just so I can look back on it and see the things my dogs and I have done together and how we have changed.
Indi and I hiked the hills this morning. What a warm Spring we're having, very dry and unusual. It's nice for hiking but I know we need the rain!

Recently Indi has started being a little more suspicious of strangers than she had been. Especially people in hats or wearing large back packs. When she sees them coming toward us she stops and stares and then sometimes jumps off the trail like she's spooked when they pass us.

I started carrying string cheese (the almighty string cheese) on our walks and it has helped a lot! Whenever I see a person coming toward us I wait for Indi to notice them and then she gets a Yes! and a bit of cheese. She is doing so much better. I don't know what changed for her but she has always been a little suspect of new things and people. Her level of spookyness had risen though and I didn't like it!

Meanwhile, Rye turned 14 on Valentine's day! He still hasn't aged that noticeably. He doesn't have the best night vision anymore and has a little bit of a limpy shoulder but other than that is a happy healthy guy who loves his food and his walks around the neighborhood and chasing Indi at the park. I wish I could get rid of those tear stains!

I have been cooking for the dogs to supplement their dry food. A common dish is turkey and sweet potato stew with turmeric added for it's anti inflammatory properties. 

With breakfast they get yogurt or cottage cheese plus a spoonful of coconut oil on their kibble and then for dinner a mix of the stew and the dry food plus fish oil and a vitamin E. Rye is on adequan injections for arthritis plus has been to work several times for therapy laser treatments. It's sure nice working for a vet! Sometimes....

Until next time, Indi reminds you to find the joy in the small stuff! Like sticks! Sticks are the best. 

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Hiking Hounds said...

Happy belated Birthday to Rye! Glad you are all doing well!