Tuesday, December 20, 2011

an antler for Christmas

I found this shed deer antler on a hike a few years ago. I like to collect bones and things like that so it has been living on my mantle ever since bringing it home. Every once in a while I catch Amber sitting in front of the fireplace, just looking at it.

A funny story to go with it: I had been dog sitting a friend's two bostons and she had just come over to pick them up. Her younger boston was showing off, playing with one of Amber's toys and Amber was watching her, whining a little, wanting her toy back, but she's not one to take it away from another dog. So she walked over to the mantle, reached up and took the antler down and brought it to her bed to chew on! I know she's been wanting to do that ever since I brought it home but she knew she wasn't supposed to have it.

I've been reading about what a good chew an antler is for a dog, it's not supposed to splinter, lasts longer than other chews and dogs usually love them. I was thinking of ordering some from a person online because I just didn't want to ruin my pretty antler! Well, I decided that was silly since I already had one. Merry Christmas, Amber.

Rye will chew on something for a few minutes and then give up, rawhides, bones, anything, he's just not that into them so I didn't think it would hurt his feelings if I didn't give him one.
Amber is thoroughly enjoying her present.
 She's finally learned to "hold". It took her a while, she didn't want to for the longest time.
I didn't intend for this to look as creepy as it came out, it was late at night and my camera doesn't do so well in low light.


Hiking Hounds said...

I've heard about dogs liking the antlers and even looked at them today at the feed store. Maybe we'll give them a try. Funny that Amber's been eying it. She sure looks happy to have it.

UrbanBodi said...

Merry Christmas Amber, Rye and Claire! Is there any antler left for the New Year?

Dogert said...

Awww what a sweet story with a happy ending! Silly Amber, what a sweetie she is. I tried getting an antler, I think they cleaned it too thoroughly cause mine couldn't care less. I gave it away. Hehe

Anonymous said...

Love this story! Amber is such a sweet girl, she knew all along you'd gotten that antler just for her.