Monday, December 5, 2011

The Vizsla has weak elbows!

And by The Vizsla I mean my Vizsla, not all Vizslak.

We survived the Pat Hastings Structure in Action seminar! Amber was evaluated and found to have weak elbows, and legs that are slightly longer than what they should be. Both of which could be why she injures herself so frequently. A vet was in attendance to help answer some questions and after looking her over asked me when Amber was spayed. Well, she was spayed quite young, at 5 months. I knew nothing about dogs then and just thought I wanted to get it out of the way as soon as possible. I wonder how much that early spay has affected her.

Also, the vet that was there was feeling around on Amber's neck and shoulder area and asked if she had ever had a neck injury. She has. She once ran full force into a tree chasing a squirrel. With her head. The vet said she was pretty stiff and could possibly do with some massage and acupuncture.

I was stupid and didn't ask all the questions I should have. I wish I had asked what her opinion on Amber doing agility was, what I could do to strengthen her elbows, how these things might affect her later in life, and what she thought would  be the best thing to prevent injuries considering Amber's weaknesses.

Miss legs in her new coat. My co-worker was going to throw this away since the zipper was broken so I took it and turned it into a Vizsla coat. It's Talbots.


Hiking Hounds said...

Well, her elbows and legs look awesome in that coat. ;-) Talbots fits her well. It sounds like the seminar was useful. I always think of good questions afterward.

UrbanBodi said...

Hope you find a solution for Amber's elbows. Nice work on the coat - very snazzy!

Anonymous said...

I think you were brave to have her evaluated, and now you can figure out the answers in your own time. I get all flustered in situations like that, too, but good for you for going and bringing her!

Dogert said...

That is SUCH a cute little jacket! Eek!