Saturday, June 16, 2012

Amber is gone

On Thursday I took her with me to visit my dad who lives about 3 hours outside of Boise. She hadn't been on any hikes in about a week and a half and was seeming pretty antsy to do something. I had hope! My dad is one of her very favorite people in the whole world. When we got to his place Thursday night she was all over him, licking his face, nibbling his nose (she used to occasionally draw blood!), and leaping up at him, so excited to see him again.
On Friday morning we took everyone on a short hike. It was beautiful there, hills of yellow flowers, perfect hiking temperature. She ran and ran.
I didn't get any good clear action shots of her.
I had her pose in this neat old brick building along the trail.

She ate really well that night and slept so soundly, right by my side, under the covers on Dad's futon.

I woke up this morning to her looking at me, wagging her tail. I reached up to scratch her ears and rub her cheeks. She rolled over and started making her bear cub noises, rooting in the covers on top of me.
We took the dogs on another little hike, so pretty in the shade with butterflies, hummingbirds and wildflowers everywhere. Amber didn't run like she usually does but did enjoy it. I noticed that she was stopping very often to pee, much more than was her "normal".
While Dad and I stopped to watch the creek for a while, she and Rye dug a nice hole together, taking turns, throwing dirt down the back of my shirt. 
She stopped to point something along the trail.
 Back at Dad's house she couldn't stop trying to pee. We drove the 3 1/2 hours home. I picked up my husband and we headed to the emergency clinic. She tried to pee on their lawn, nothing, tried to pee in their lobby, nothing, tried to pee in the exam room, nothing. It was torture.
The vet said she had very enlarged lymph nodes, the "iliac" lymph nodes as well as the "sublumbar" lymph nodes. We talked about the stent. She did not feel that it would give her very much time and that the time would not be quality time. So we made the decision to say goodbye to my baby dog.
Dear Amber,
I will never ever forget you. You are in my heart, you are my heart, forever. If there is such a thing as a dog soul mate, you are it for sure. I can still feel your eyes on me, wanting something. I can still see you at my feet since someone just let off a firecracker. I can still feel your softer than soft ears between my fingers. I can see your eyes light up when I mention "bedtime" or "daddy" and how you would rush to the doorway of the bedroom but then turn around and watch to make sure I was coming too.
I hope that where ever you are, you are not alone. You would be in the laps of the angels if they would let you.
You were my most beautiful athlete. One of my favorite things in the world was to watch you run through the fields. A walk just won't be the same without you. Life just won't be the same either.
I love you my baby dog.

 Amber at around 8 weeks.

Amber at 8 years, 9 months old. Her very last photo.


UrbanBodi said...

Claire, I am so sorry. Amber was a beautiful and talented girl taken too soon. Cherish the time you had together and the knowledge that you provided her with a wonderful life. ~ Corrine

Hiking Hounds said...

I'm so sorry that you lost Amber. I was really hoping you'd have more time with her. I doesn't seem fair at all. The last picture of her is beautiful and it's wonderful that she spent her last days doing the things she loved and with the people she loved. I think she'll always be with you watching over you. Caron

Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

Oh, I am so sorry to hear that... 8 years is just too young. What an awesome last day or two. Sounded perfect. Great photos.

Riley and Stella said...

I'm so sorry ((hugs)). Amber was taken much to soon but I hope you find comfort in the lifetime of happy memories. Our dogs hold so much of our hearts in theirs and losing them hurts so very much. When we said goodbye to my Lucy a few years ago we had just returned from a two week camping holiday where she swam every day, soaked up sunshine and felt all the love we could share. That brought me some peace and it sounds like Amber's last days were similar and I hope it helps you too.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I have been behind on my blogs, SO sorry I missed this. Sorry for your loss, I can not even begin to imagine. I will be sending prayers and thoughts your way for your whole family. I agree with others that it is nice her last days were filled with doing as many things as she loved. And to be honest I kinda love that you couldn't get a good action shot on that hike, it means she was having a freakin' blast! And she sounds like overall she was doing quite well till the trying to pee problem, I think you made the right choice for her.
Luna sends butt wiggles and woooos to you and yours.