Monday, July 9, 2012

a new dog

In my last post I wrote about Finley, a dog we have been fostering. I really didn't want another dog but decided that Rye needed someone around that was more permanent than just a foster dog here and a foster dog there. Finley was looking more and more perfect the longer we had her with us. My husband really wanted a Vizsla puppy and we looked a little bit but I kept coming back to the fact that here was this really nice dog that needed a home and we were looking for someone else?
I showed you a photo of Finley's mother, Rosie. Rosie was turned in to a shelter back in November, hugely pregnant. She looked a lot like a Vizsla so they called the Idaho Vizsla rescue and Rosie was sprung. She gave birth about a week later to 16 puppies!

       Another photo of mom Rosie. I was pretty in love with this dog when I first met her!

My friend in rescue asked if I'd like to take pictures of them all for their web page. I took pictures of the litter at 14 days and at 20 days old and then again at 8 weeks old. 
At 8 weeks old one of the puppies stood out to me, she kept coming up to me, wanting attention, very friendly and sweet. Gradually all (except one male that still needs a home) were adopted including my favorite. Then at 6 months old Finley was returned because they said she "was not what we expected the breed to be, she heavily sheds and has an oily coat that gives off an odor that we are sensitive to". The real reason we suspect was that they had also just adopted a human baby. Good reason not to be raising a puppy too!

                                                         My favorite puppy at 14 days old.

Meanwhile the rescue had Mom, Rosie dna tested and according to the test she was: Chesapeake, Lab, Doberman, English Setter and Bulldog! Funny, huh? The first three I can see. We were surprised there was no Vizsla found.
Since some of the puppies were black and tan they decided to dock all their tails thinking they might look like rottweilers or dobes. I wish they hadn't but oh well!

Anyway, meet Indigo! I changed her name. I have always liked the name Indi. She is 7 months old now, and no longer the "small" black female. She is taller than Rye and weighs 52 pounds and has very long legs and very large feet.

She has very faint tan markings on her face, including eyebrows.

She is a water dog. This was her first swim in the river.


She is a retriever.

She is a tugger.

And a pretty intense girl!
Rye isn't exactly in love with her. She still tries to play with him but is learning to leave him alone.  She does keep him company though. Even when she is in her crate when we leave the house he is calm when we return.
Here is Rye teaching Indi to stay on the bed.



UrbanBodi said...

Sweet puppy! Good to hear that Rye is calmer with Indi's company even though he's not crazy about having a puppy underfoot. Lots of fun ahead!

Hiking Hounds said...

Ahh, Indi looks like a really sweet girl! I'm so happy you decided to keep her. What a coincidence that she is the puppy that you liked from the litter. It's funny how things work out. I bet Amber is smiling.

Riley and Stella said...

She's beautiful! It looks like she is fitting in and hopefully she helps to heal your heart just a little bit at a time.

Anonymous said...

awww, sometimes the dog just finds you. Glad you all decided to keep this girl, she looks very sweet.

Those DNA tests come up with some crazy stuff, but I agree, weirdly enough you CAN see the first 3 on the list... so strange but cool.


Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

Big congrats! Indi is beautiful! How wierd that they would think docking the tails would be a good idea. Oh well. I've been told you can't trust the DNA tests. We have used them on my parents' dogs and they come back with some pretty wierd combos.

Claire Krigbaum said...

Thanks all! We like her a lot.
Yeah, I don't know how accurate those tests are either but I do see a bit of dobe in her, I thought her mother looked part chesapeake when I first met her, so that would explain that I guess. And who knows what the father of the puppies was. To me Indi looks exactly like a black version of her mother.

Claire Krigbaum said...
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Dogert said...

She is so very awesome I love her too. I'm happy you got her. Rye will come around, he might still be grieving for Amber also.