Sunday, July 1, 2012


I thought I'd put together a little post about my Vizsla girl. It is two weeks today that she has been gone.
Rye has been kept company by Bodie, a 10 year old Vizsla from our friend in rescue and most recently, Finley who is a 6 month old mixed breed dog who's mother just happened to look enough like a Vizsla to be saved from the pound a week before giving birth to 16 puppies!
We are so grateful that Bodie was able to stay with us last week. He was a huge comfort to everyone. He and Rye hung out on the couch together a lot and he slept at my feet at night. Rye does not get on the bed very often and isn't a big snuggler, he gets hot easily. Rye sleeps on a dog bed on the floor on my side of the bed.
Here is Bodie.

I haven't taken any pictures of Finley yet but she looks exactly like her mother Rosie, except she is black. Finley is up for adoption. Here is Rosie. I took pictures of her and her 16 puppies back when they were tiny for their webpage. Finley was adopted at 8 weeks and then returned because they said she smelled bad and shed too much. Neither of which have we noticed yet!

So, life with Amber.
I feel like she was the love of my life (other than my husband of course)! Is that weird? So much more than a dog. We always said she was a person dog. The way she'd look at you and you would know that she knew everything that was going on. I loved how she always knew where I was when we were hiking. Even if she got a ways up or down a hill she would always find us so easily like she had kept one eye on us the whole time. Whenever we would come to a place that had two different path choices she would wait at the junction to see which way we were going. When she was younger and we walked on the canal near our house a lot we would come near the end and she would slow down and walk right next to me looking up at me because she knew we would be turning around soon and she wanted to make sure she turned around the exact moment that I did. I loved that.
She was such an athlete. One of my favorite memories was last summer, backpacking to Grassy Twin Lakes. We had just come back to camp after a long and hot hike to a different lake and were very tired. We sat down and took our packs off and looked up to see Amber swimming out into the icy lake after some ducks.

She was a foot sucker.

A poser.

My favorite model.

A momma's girl. She loved almost everyone she met, she had a few favorites, but I think if given the choice she would have followed me anywhere.

She was a huntress.

Serious since the day we met.

Ok, not ALWAYS serious.

A licker. One of her favorite people in the world was my little sister.

A water diver. And a toy sharer.


The best agility partner I could ever ask for. She wasn't always the fastest dog, but she had her moments. She could have a lot of drive when she was in the mood. She could be a little frustrating when she wasn't but she always "cared" as a friend of mine said the other day. She wasn't one to blow me off or completely ignore me. We came away with plenty of blue ribbons. Almost her whole career she competed against two very fast Briards in the 24 inch height class. We were always proud when we could beat them! Or, I was.


 Sand lover.

Hiking companion

60 weave pole weaver, (horrible video of it).

Super model

Best friend.


Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

LOVE the photos especially foot sucker and the one swimming after ducks! Wow!

Crazy4CattleDogs said...

Beautiful Pictures

UrbanBodi said...


Riley and Stella said...

What a wonderful tribute to your girl. She obviously was a wonderful dog but most importantly she was a very loved dog!

Dogert said...

She was sure an awesome dog. The "poser" picture is one of my favorite of her ever. She was your heart dog, have you heard the term? She had such a good life with you guys.