Friday, August 3, 2012

old man dog

Rye is doing so much better these days. He seems happy to me. This last week he stayed at home instead of coming to work with me and he did just fine. I have been keeping his tight shirt on but I don't know if that is what is helping or if he's just settling in to life at home alone while we are at work.
Then, our favorite brand of dog food, for Rye anyway, Before Grain, changed their formula, giving it a higher protein content. Rye never has done well on high protein foods so I didn't even try the new formula. I switched to another lower protein food, Pure Vita. He did not do well on that. Arg! So it was chicken and rice for a few days. He is back to good again and we are trying another food, Pinnacle. So far so good.
Last weekend we went to visit our family in the mountains. Ahh, so much cooler. I am so tired of the 100 degree days we've been having!
We took the dogs on a hike to Goose Creek Falls. 6 miles round trip. Rye had so much fun.

Half way there, happy and dirty which for him equal the same thing.

 A nice long nap after the hike.

Another little jaunt the next day.

I hadn't done any agility with him in weeks as he didn't seem up to it to me. He always watches Indi from the house when we train outside and I'm sure he is a little jealous but then I take him out and throw the toy a few times and then he's done. He lies down with it and wants to rest. My vet says his heart murmur has not changed so that is good.
Today I cooked up some beef heart and cut it in to little bits for treats.
Here is Rye doing old man dog backyard English Setter agility for beef heart.

Just one more little piece of beef heart?


Anonymous said...

Love that last shot. Sounds like you had a wonderful get away. It's so frustrating when dog food formula changes, hope he continues to do well on it. Have you looked into a food called Great Life? They do a grain free variety now as well. All of our dogs have done well on it, as have the breeders. For the price you can't beat it either... but it can be tricky to find as they don't sell to chains.


Claire Krigbaum said...

I did actually find it at a local co-op and tried it a few months ago. Rye got diarrhea on that too. He has such a touchy stomach!
Thanks though!

Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

Hope the next food works! I hate when they change a good formula.

Riley and Stella said...

I'm guessing with that look he got that one more piece of beef heart. I love the older dogs when we get to throw out the rule book and just enjoy them.

Dogert said...

Good! He's such a good boy! And seriously I was livid when a couple well used brands of mine changed. Like Balfour's 100% tripe cans suddenly became only 92% and didn't even tell the online company I buy from. Luckily they refunded me but seriously, how rude to give no warning!