Thursday, August 30, 2012

A pool party

Yesterday I took Indi to a fun dog event at a pool downtown. They let dogs use it on the last day before cleaning for the season, 50 dogs per hour maximum. You can't tell by the pictures but there were definitely 50 dogs there, it was packed!

 Amazing to me that Indi was at one point running through the giant pack of dogs, I called her name once and she came right to me. She's awesome!

Are you going to throw it again for me?

I went with my friend who has an Aussie and a Boston. Who wants it more, the retriever or the Boston?

Blossom said no to the pool, even with life jacket on, but says "this toy is MINE".

My swimmer girl.


I love my puppy. For a while I was telling myself "I like my puppy" but it has turned to love. She is pretty neat. She loves to work and has a lot of focus for a 9 month old dog. She loves food, loves toys, loves to play and learn. She is very athletic and graceful for such a large, clunky looking dog. She is only annoying when I haven't had time to wear her out and she goes looking for something to do. That usually involves the cats. She does not hurt them, she just follows them around, sniffs their butts a little and makes them meow. Or if she's outside, shredding wood of some sort. 
She's pretty clingy. She follows me wherever I go. She can be sound asleep and if I get up, she gets up. If she's had enough exercise, she will lie at the back of my feet while I'm doing dishes or next to me at the computer.
She's a little "mouthy" as I've heard is common with retriever type dogs. She loves to come up behind me and grab the back of my pants in her teeth when she's excited. Sometimes she gets a little skin! She is getting much better about playing tug more carefully. If she gets my hands I say OW! and stop playing for a few seconds. I'm sure there's a better way to teach "gentle" but it does seem to let her know what I want.
She's been doing some baby jumps and tunnels and we start our first agility lesson next Saturday. She seems to pick up on what I want fairly easily.
And I just happen to think she's gorgeous.


Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

What fun! Neat idea for the city to do that. Indy sounds awesome! I would be in love too.

UrbanBodi said...

What lucky dogs to get to swim in a giant pool! Sounds like Indi has the makings of a lovely performance dog. Looking forward to following her progress.

Hiking Hounds said...

That is so fun! I've heard of cities that do this on the last day. It's also awesome that she came to you out of a group of dogs. I bet she'll love agility.

Riley and Stella said...

Beautiful AND smart is a good combo in a dog! You are both lucky to have found each other. Try just freezing in place for a moment when she does that, it works for Stella.