Sunday, September 9, 2012


And he hasn't competed in AKC all year. That's pretty sad for English Setters! Still very proud to get this in the mail! Wish we could go!

I did not accurately judge Rye's separation anxiety when I took him to the 2010 Invitational. At shows previously I always had Amber there with him and he was fine when she was in the kennel with him (yes, they snuggled close) or out with me. I knew he disliked being in a kennel alone but was always able to manage it. At the Invitational, I took Rye alone and he chewed a hole in the back of his soft crate while I was walking the course. He was then too anxious to have any sort of fun on the courses. We qualified once out of 4 runs.

My Snoop Dog. So full of life and joy! Always wagged his tail while running a course.

"I'm running for the chicken hearts and the hard boiled eggs!"

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UrbanBodi said...

How cool is that! Better to be invited and not be able to attend than the reverse. It's too bad that the separation anxiety keeps Rye from enjoying an activity that he clearly enjoys and at which he excels.