Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Eagle Island

Yesterday, labor day, my husband and I took the dogs to one of our favorite hiking spots, Eagle Island. There are lots of Ospreys though I've never seen an Eagle, and it's not an island.
Indi is crazy in the tall grass, it makes her want to zoom. She makes me laugh.

Rye loves it here. He spent many days hiking with Amber at this place. I wonder if he remembers.

 It feels like ages ago that she left me but it was less than 3 months ago. Why is that?
These photos were taken in October last year, before I knew anything was up with her.

 Is she not the most magnificent dog? Somehow, looking at these pictures she is almost a stranger to me. Did I really know this dog? Did I really have a dog named Amber? How did I get so lucky?

Rye still runs but not as far as he used to. He loved to follow Amber out into the field.

Rye stood still as a huge flock of starlings flew over the top of him.

There is an old slaughterhouse along the path out here. It is home to pigeons now. An old sliding metal door on the slaughterhouse makes a neat backdrop for my black puppy!

The only drawback to Eagle Island is that it is mainly used as a trail system for horse back riders. I went out to scoop poo in the backyard today and wondered for a minute why all of Indi's poops were so full of grass that they looked like little horse poops. 

Indi says, long grass, swampy mud holes and horse poo make me CRAZY!


Hiking Hounds said...

I bet Amber was there running with Rye and Indi. :-) Zephyr and Astro go nuts in tall grass too. Great pictures.

Riley and Stella said...

Beautiful pictures! That shot of Amber and Rye is a nice memory shot. She was a gorgeous girl and I'm sure she is happy that you have Indi to help heal your heart.