Sunday, April 7, 2013

ode to my black dog

I drew a little something. But I didn't get it quite right. I thought I'd share anyway.



Freight train.



I was talking with a fellow agilityer about Indi and she said "well, I won't mention what so and so said about her...." So of course I wanted to know!  So and So said "have you seen that monster Claire has at her house?" 
I am the proud owner of a monster!

Another fellow agilityer was greeting Indi and asked "So, how much of a handle do you have on that thing?"  This makes me happy!
I love her exuberance! Her life! Her passion! Her Thingness! Yes, she is a little unpracticed at calm greeting behaviors but really, I swear, as soon as she gets to leap on you at least twice she will calm right down! I am so not good at being consistent with greetings. It is not my training strong point. I have read that a dog can learn that it is ok to jump on you, but not anyone else. She still hasn't made that distinction. I step on her leash a lot, when she is wearing one.

At least she doesn't normally punch random strangers in the gut like she did me tonight at the park! I tried to side step her oncoming approach but misjudged. She is large. I am happy that she loves to come to me.

It is very hard to be angry at this face! I hardly ever am. 


Hiking Hounds said...

I love monsters! I'm pretty sure I have a couple of them. I think that is what makes them such great dogs. Your drawing is really nice!

Claire Krigbaum said...

Thank you, Hiking Hounds!