Friday, April 26, 2013

Take a walk in the hills of Idaho

We found a new hiking spot. A little further outside of Boise than we normally go but not that far.
It's called Macks Creek.

 The creek was small but it was there. Just enough in some spots to get Rye muddy. He loves to lie down in water, muddy or clean.

 He is such a good trail dog. He never has been that big of a runner, for a Setter. He is good at keeping an eye on our location and always finds us quickly if he does venture off into the brush.
He has been known to run the exact opposite direction from where we are though and I never thought it was him not listening. He just gets confused!
I try not to call him unless I have to because I think it adds to the confusion. I have seen him running towards us from a distance, I call his name and he turns around and starts running the opposite direction. Like he heard my voice coming from that direction!
I have found that cupping my hands around my mouth to call really helps focus the sound better.


As good as Rye is off leash, Indi is better. I never ever have to wonder where she is. She stays very close. She won't even go down to the creek without me going too if it's off the trail a ways. Rye will at least go get a drink on his own!  Rye is good at finding water.
Indi has developed much more confidence out in nature than when we first got her.  I have not had her spook at anything for a very long time and she just seems comfortable out there where she didn't always before. We have not met deer yet but I tend to think that she would be cautious of them and not give chase.

Oh, how Rye loves to wallow! He is so cute when he finds that perfect little watering hole and he sinks down in.


Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

I've been meaning to teach a whistle recall for my guys just in case it is windy or they get just out of range.

Seven is no longer allowed to hike off leash. Her recalls are flawless and sharp, but I have to call her twice every minute. She hunts with her eyes the entire time and runs ahead. It is exhausting for me. I just won't even try it anymore. She used to be a velcro dog.

Claire Krigbaum said...

Oh, that is too bad for Seven! I wouldn't want to deal with that either though.

Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

Not sure what my brown toy is... LOL. I've just been buying a lot of crazy looking tug toys everywhere I go. I bought it at a dog show so I'm not sure who makes it, etc. Sorry. :-(

Hiking Hounds said...

That looks like a really nice place to hike. The flowers are beautiful. Zephyr loves to wallow too. :-) I'm lucky that Zephyr and Astro stay close by, but they will definitely go after deer or elk. I try to only let them off in areas I know are pretty clear of them or at times of the day that deer and elk aren't likely to be moving around.