Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The frisbee

We love this frisbee! It's made by Kong and so far is indestructible. Both dogs tug on it with me and have ripped it out of each other's mouths roughly and it doesn't have a hole in it yet.
Rye is funny with toys. He has no interest in them most of the time but if I'm playing with Amber he sometimes will all of a sudden decide that he HAS to have that toy. When that happens Amber will not chase it anymore, it belongs to Rye. He's kind of a bully. He will only chase it for about four throws and then no more.
I love his little hop/run. He reminds me of a young horse, frolicking.
Amber is going in this coming Monday for the cystoscopy. We were going to do it at the beginning of this week but the scope was not sterilized yet. We are borrowing it from our sister vet clinic and they said they were waiting for a full load to run the autoclave sterilizer :( I was really hoping to get it over with!
Amber is still feeling good, eating like normal, playing, running, snuggling.


Hiking Hounds said...

They are having so much fun. Rye does look like a pony. I'm glad Amber doing well. Hopefully you'll get the results fast.

Dogert said...

Awww poor Amber, so young! (okay not really but still a little young!) Haha I bet Mia could destroy that frisbee in two minutes. Kong toys are her specialty you know... ;D