Thursday, February 23, 2012

Sunday 2/19/12, double Q #19!

 I can't believe I am writing that! #19! I don't even care anymore, if she gets #20 I will be over the moon, if not, I don't care in the slightest.
We started adding up the double Qs on 9/29/07. I clearly remember her first double qualifying runs. I had traveled to this trial and was staying with my dad in Pocatello, Idaho. The morning of the trial it was snowing so hard that they canceled it until further notice as it was an outdoor trial. We checked back later that day and they said to check back in another few hours. Finally at around 2:00 pm it stopped snowing and the snow on the ground had melted off so they put on the trial! The sun was coming through the clouds at just that right angle to light everything on fire and it was COLD! I can almost still run that whole course in my mind, it was the second one of the day. She had qualified in Standard and we were running jumpers with weaves. She was feeling good and running FAST. I put in a front cross that was probably a second too late and she turned in mid air and landed on her neck and shoulder trying to go the direction I was going. It was one of those moments where you realize what your dog will do for you. She wasn't hurt but the people watching went Oooh!

Anyway, we had a wonderful couple of runs this past Sunday and a videographer was there filming every run and selling them. They are really high quality videos and I thought it would be fun to have these two runs on professional video.
First we ran the jumpers course. I think I should have crossed after the weaves to make the ending a tiny bit easier but it worked out ok. Can you hear the "tick" on the white panel jump?

Then we finished the day with Standard. A rather challenging course, especially that bit surrounding the A-frame. Fun! I cannot describe how much fun it is when your dog is running fast and happy and you are there with her and everything goes smoothly.
I didn't run this quite as I had planned, I wanted to cross after the chute and in between the last two jumps but I didn't feel I had time.
What a dog!

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Hiking Hounds said...

Wow, awesome runs! Congratulations!