Thursday, February 2, 2012


A few months ago Amber started peeing a lot more than usual. She even peed in my car. So I brought her to work and we ran a urinalysis on her. It showed blood in her urine and the dr. thought it was probably a uti. Antibiotics for a few weeks didn't clear up the blood so we did a urine culture which showed a bacteria that is normally found in humans. The culture showed what antibiotics it was sensitive to so we put her on Baytril for three weeks. Then we had to wait a week after being off the antibiotics to test again. On Tuesday this week we did another urinalysis and again found blood. The infection is all cleared up though so it's not blood from that. So of course, the Dr. needs to know where it's coming from.
We also did an ultrasound and now the dr. sees a slight thickening of the bladder wall on one side. So next week we are going to do a cystoscopy with a tiny camera on the end of a probe, up the hoo ha, and if the dr. can see a mass he will take a biopsy of it. I am very afraid!
She is still acting herself though.

We have an agility trial coming up soon, mid February, and I am hoping she'll still be able to run. The scope shouldn't hurt but depending on the results, we might be putting her on drugs to slow the growth of whatever is in there. I just wish this would all turn out to be nothing. I am freaking out a little.


UrbanBodi said...

Sending positive energy your way!

Hiking Hounds said...

Ugh, I would be freaking out too. Hopefully it will turn out okay. Great that she is feeling good. I'll be thinking of her and sending positive thoughts. Hang in there.