Thursday, February 16, 2012

The saga continues

On Tuesday we were finally able to do Amber's cystoscopy. The Dr., two vet techs and myself were all involved in the procedure. I started with the job of "hold the tail up". The Dr. went in with the scope. On the tv screen we watched the pink walls of the urethra and then the bladder. We saw some polyps in the urethra and one area of concern, also in the urethra. A white-ish lumpy looking thing. We also saw lots of mucusy, bloody fluid floating around.
Then it was time for the taking of samples for biopsy. The Dr. asked which one of us was the most coordinated. I was nominated based on the fact that I am "the one who does agility". I did not nominate myself but since no one else was raising their hands I figured I'd try. While the Dr. held the scope in position I inserted the tiny biopsy forceps. A long narrow rod with about 1/4 inch of grabbing teeth at the end. I pushed it in until you could see the forceps on the tv screen. I was told to open and then close the tool on a piece of the urethra wall. I did that and then pulled it out but there wasn't anything in the teeth. I tried twice more but neither time was I able to get a grip on the tissue. So I went in one more time. One of the techs says "grab like you mean it!". So I squeezed just a little bit harder this time and "snap" we all heard a cracking sound. I pulled the forceps out and found that they had broken. The open and close mechanism had broken and no longer would open and close. SHIT.
That was the end of that, we removed the scope and woke her up. I sat with her while she came out of the anesthesia. She seemed a little painful that night but by Wednesday afternoon she was back to this

So the plan is to get another tool and try again another day. I am pretty disappointed and still worried but at least we got to look. The bladder wall looked healthy which was what he was worried about based on the ultrasound. There is a concern that whatever is in there will grow large enough that it will constrict her urine flow so I am watching her pee every day to make sure it hasn't changed.
Our Dr. approved her running in the trial this weekend so we are running! It brings a whole new meaning to that quote " The real joy is in the privilege and ability to step to the start line with your dog by your side, not in the crossing of the finish line, victorious over others."
These shots are from this morning's hike on the Red Cliffs trail.


UrbanBodi said...

Cool shots! Sorry to hear the procedure didn't go as planned - fingers crossed for next time. Have a great agility weekend!

Hiking Hounds said...

That's frustrating! I hope it works next time. That's great that you'll be able to run in the agility trial with her. Have fun!